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top 10 outdoor activities on Fuerteventura.


Surf courses for everyone – no matter how old, no matter what level. The especially family-friendly surf school FreshSurf on Fuerteventura invites you to get to know this dreamlike sunny island from its best side and plunge into the waves together with us. Get to know the unique attitude towards life of this great sport, which will definitely not let you go afterwards.


Yoga has an effect on your endurance, strength, flexibility and body tension. It is a way to get mentally and physically in balance. A body and mind training to improve your centeredness, calmness and patience. Find your peace and strength in meditation, breathing and physical exercises.

Dry Surf Training

The varied sport is much more than just surf preparation. Drysurf combines functional training that addresses all muscle groups with the communication of the nervous system, i.e. your sense of balance. You also learn the right paddling technique, improve your mobility and internalize the most important movements of surfing.

Surf Skate Training

Ever heard of Carver? Maybe “street surfing” means something to you. Carver is a board manufacturer that has developed cruisers that work like a surfboard. How does that work? With softer trucks for the turn feeling or a deck that reacts to weight shift like a surfboard. Our surf coach Jordi will show you how to work with carving on your surfing skills, for example back and frontside turns bottom turns, cutbacks or the right “pumping”. This way you will improve your skills even in dry times!


Horse back riding

Riding along the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura with your hair blowing and the wind in your back – who doesn’t dream of experiencing this once. It is not for nothing that everyone knows the sentence: “The happiness of the earth lies on the back of the horses”. That this sentence is full of truth, you know at the latest when you have the first ride behind you. Riding allows you to distract yourself from stress and everyday worries and to “clear your head”.


Diving allows like no other water sport to get to know the sea from a different perspective. It transforms into the fascination and enthusiasm for the underwater world with all its inhabitants. The feeling of being able to breathe under water and being in a kind of floating state can be compared to an ease that otherwise only astronauts experience in space. Enjoy diving as one of the great activities on Fuerteventura. kite surfing fuerteventura magma

Kite Surfing – Activities on Fuerteventura

Learn the trend sport kitesurfing first hand and forget the world around you. Only the kite (“stunt kite”) and your board still play a role once the kite is in the air and caught by the wind. Experience the power of the wind and the sea, just you and your kite, at the kite surf camp on Fuerteventura.

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