Living in Fuerteventura means - having it all on one island

Fuerteventura is a natural paradise where the sun always shines (ok, not every day but most of the das are filled with sunshine). Less than 4 hours from London, 5 hours from Munich and just 2.5 hours by plane from Madrid, the island offers both peace and quiet as well as fun and activites, something that is becoming increasingly appreciated by travelers, tourists and residents.

The island is a Unesco biosphere reserve, with 150 km of beaches of fine white sand, walking trails, sand dunes, volcanic landscapes and a starlight reserve, making it an appealing destination for all ages and one of the most visited of the Canary Islands. Water sports and open-air activities, discrete, laid-back settings, shopping and leisure areas, an international airport, traditional villages and all the services you might need.

Landscapes and experiences

In Fuerteventura you can relax, have fun, do sports or enjoy nature and the island's beaches, such as the lagoon beaches of El Cotillo, protected from the waves, in a comfortable environment with a number of great accommodaions, numerous restaurants and more activities than ou can experience in two weeks nearby.

Culture and tradition

Tiny picturesque villages can be found along the sheltered parts of the coast in which old traditions and customs are still maintained. Friendly people who are happy to share their cultural legacy, celebrations and way of life with the newer arrivals, residents and visitors.

Lighthouses, traditional buildings and charming little museums preserve the roots and historical values of the “Isla Maxorata”, a medieval name for Fuerteventura.

You will find the best place for your holidays here on the island and we assist you in your search for the perfect accommodations.

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Accommodations Fuerteventura - "the perfect vaccation"

We offer different types of accommodations on Fuerteventura and would like to assist you in finding the perfect vacacional home for you and your loved ones.

On this page we would like to offer you some of the most beautiful accommodations here on Fuerteventura. In the north of the island, between El Cotillo and Lajares we would like to show you a nice way of living. We have for you the most different variants of vacation accommodations, from the house to the luxury villa, from the small studio to the apartment on Fuerteventura. It is important to us that you feel at home. Our apartments offer everything to feel comfortable.


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Which accommodations are there on Fuerteventura?

The most common accommodation options on Fuerteventura are apartments and vacation homes. But there are also studios, houses and great luxury villas. On Fuerteventura we always find the perfect accommodation for you. The special highlight is our Villa Nalani in Lajares and our surf house for surfers in El Cotillo. Apart from apartments Fuerteventura offers a lot of sight seeing opportunities.

What does accommodation cost on Fuerteventura?

You can book a double room in our surf house from only 50 € per person. Our apartments and vacation apartments are mostly bigger than 60 m² and the villa even offers 155 m² to relax.

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Are there also animal-friendly vacation apartments on offer?

If you would like to travel with your pet, we unfortunately don't have the perfect offer with us, but we can recommend optimal accommodation with cooperation partners. Offer: Apartments are the most animal-friendly accommodations on Fuerteventura. On average an accommodation costs 100 € per night. Here you can find the top 10 animal-friendly apartments.

Are the accommodations suitable for children?

All our accommodations fuerteventura are also suitable for children. We are happy to provide you with a travel bed and/or high chair, etc. We are happy to support you in preparing a great second home for your children and you on vacation on Fuerteventura. The maximum occupancy of the accommodations Fuerteventura is always including children.

Are there also accommodations that are suitable for groups?

Of course you will find accommodations on fuerteventura with lots of space for a vacation with a group. On average, vacation apartments have room for 4 guests, in our Villa Nalani there is room for 6 people and in the surf house 8 people find a second home on Fuerteventura.