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Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands with an area of 1,662 square kilometers. Fuerteventura is located in the Atlantic Ocean, only 11 kilometers southwest of Lanzarote, and is the second largest Canary Island after Tenerife. Fuerteventura attracts all year round with pleasant temperatures, a wonderfully varied natural landscape and an exciting range of leisure activities. From hiking and mountain biking to water sports – on the Canary Island everything is offered for an exciting vacation. The very sparsely populated island with about 100.000 inhabitants is also called the island of silence and Fuerteventura is about twice as big as Berlin.



Climate & Temperature

The climate of Fuerteventura is always pleasant. The Atlantic Ocean fluctuates between 18°C and 22°C and has its most pleasant temperatures when most holidaymakers leave Fuerteventura in September and October. During these two months the wind also falls asleep. Those who want to enjoy the sun and the water on Fuerteventura and don’t come to surf, will definitely find the best vacation time in September and October. The water temperature with 22 °C seems to be fresh to some, but it is to be seen relatively. Fuerteventura is located at the 28th latitude in the subtropics, the sun is extremely intense, 22 °C is just right.

If you are looking for crystal clear skies on Fuerteventura, you should arrive in autumn or spring. This way you avoid the clouds of the rainy season and the night humidity of the hot summer time, which can make the night sky hazy.



Weather, Wind & Waves

Fuerteventura – the island of sun & wind – 300 days of cloudless sky and a very small chance not to see the when on holidays. No matter at what time of the year you are visiting Fuerteventura, whether in winter or summer, your holidays will not be rainy. In summer it is almost impossible to get rain. Only on extremely hot midsummer days it can drizzle out of the humidity late at night due to the night coolness above the Malpais. As soon as the sun appears, the fine haze, which by the way can be quite refreshing and pleasant at night, suddenly dissolves.

The biggest chance to get a real downpour is between November and January. That is the “rain season”. Not comparable with rains in Germany or England, where it starts and does not stop for days. No, it is rather a subtropical rain shower that lasts from 5 to 30 min. – but never really long.

Fuerteventura is often called the island of eternal spring. If you take a look at the temperature table, you will see that this name is also covered with numbers. But it is not quite like that, because Fuerteventura also has four seasons. The differences between them are only much smaller. And even though the climate is always pleasant on average, it can get quite fresh or extremely hot in special weather conditions.



The Hawaii of Europe

The island of Fuerteventura is the so called Island of eternal spring. It is an island that polarizes like no other. Whoever gets involved with it can become addicted to it. Surfers call it the “Hawaii of Europe” because of the magnificent wave and wind conditions and the crystal clear turquoise water. The Canarios themselves call Fuerteventura the “Beach of the Canaries”, because none of the 7 main islands has more beautiful beaches. Those who want to escape the harsh climate of Central Europe give Fuerteventura the name “Island of Eternal Spring”.

Unique – a barren beauty

Fuerteventura, fantastically beautiful and multifaceted, unique its nature. The crystal-clear Atlantic tempts you to swim and the snow-white fine sandy beaches to sunbathe and relax. Very lonely, if you like. But Fuerteventura can do more, much more. The visitor only has to get involved with this barren beauty in the Atlantic.



The best time to visit

What is the best time on Fuerteventura for you – you wanna know? It depends on so many factors and entirely on what you want to do.

The surfer who is not a beginner, comes best in January and February. The highest waves and the least chance of the wind destroying the waves. Windsurfers and kitesurfers come during the strong wind season in July and August. Sun- and beach-lovers are looking for the quite months of September and October. Those who want to hike should come in spring. You will be surprised how green it becomes and how beautiful it can bloom in spring. The temperatures are still pleasant and the sun is not yet extremely strong.

Those who like to celebrate could come during the carnival season, because it is celebrated in a very wild way on the canary islands. The best time on Fuerteventura simply depends on what you want to do and on your travel budget. Even though there is no real off-season, there are times which are more quiet like October to December and February to April. During this time you can find a good bargain.



Beautiful sunsets & beaches

The most beautiful beach motives at sunset are captured on the beaches around EL Cotillo. Also in Cofete xou can find dreamlike motives on the beach. Who wants to be more creative will find the fliffs around Ajuy or Los Molinos quite inspiring. And if you want to capture some of the beautiful hilly landscape at sunset, the Sicasumbre is the ideal place to do so. Check our blog regarding the most beautiful beaches.

For sunset lovers

For lovers of sunsets the island is ideal. If you like to take your camera out in the evening hours, there are plenty of opportunities on Fuerteventura. The most beautiful sunsets you will not find during summer but in spring and autumn, when the sky is crystal clear or in winter, when the light breaks dramatically in the trade wind clouds. In summer it is too hot during the day. The evaporating water over the Atlantic Ocean forms a hazy horizon in the evening, as the air is highly oversaturated in the evening coolness.


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